Research-Based Learning Program

Construct Gaming’s serious gaming skills component is designed to train and evaluate the critical skills in users. Critical skills are a combination of higher order cognitive skills and non-cognitive skills which research shows are predictive of success in academics, career, and several other important well being outcomes. There is substantial research done on the effectiveness of remedial action on critical skill growth.

Our esports learning program is based on proprietary research in which we’ve identified more than 30 impactful, critical skills for academic, career, and life success. From this list of skills, we selected 15 of the most relevant ones that apply to esports gaming.

See the Players page for a list of our esports learning program’s skills.

Research Methodology and Analyses

We identified the 15 critical skills used in our esports learning program based on a comprehensive review and documentation of the literature on identified dimensions and the following criteria: teachability, measurability, and impact.

An analysis of over 150 studies of remedial action showed over approximately of 24 weeks changes in personality trait measures. Critical skills programs have demonstrated the capacity to help students to manage emotions, set goals, and improve collaboration and teamwork.

A meta-analysis shows that critical skills have a positive influence on students’ social/emotional skills, perception of self and others, and encourage prosocial behavior, and improve the ability to handle emotional distress.